The Wandsworth Preschool- Discoverers Room

How we support children in our Discovery Room (mobile babies to two-year olds)

When children make the transition from Explorers to Discoveres they find the staff team and environment as nurturing. Discoverers are encouraged to be more independent and to try things out for themselves, supported by caring adults, taking those next important steps in their development.

The Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum forms the basis for our curriculum for Discoverers and has a strong focus on exploration and discovery. Toddlers continue to learn through sensory exploration, but they are now beginning to develop spoken language, so we focus on fostering this development through planned and spontaneous activity introducing new vocabulary, reading books and singing songs in small and larger groups.

Our fully qualified Art and Music teachers visit the rooms regularly to provide additional subject specific activities for the under twos that are tailored to meet their needs, and abilities, develop their interests and give them the opportunity to express their natural talents.

The daily routine is broken up by meal and snack times and an early afternoon sleep. All of the Discoverers sleep together on sleep mats in their base room, supervised by our experienced staff team after lunch. We create a calm environment and play lullabies and other sift music to help children sleep.

Daily outdoors play develops large motor control and helps expend some of the children’s boundless energy. Sensory activities are planned, both in the base rooms and our dedicated sensory room. Daily art and craft activities encouraging the toddlers to experiment with and explore a wide range of varied and interesting craft materials take place. At this stage and throughout their time with us, it is the process and the learning through this that is important rather than the end product.

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